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From: 12/06/2023 12:00
To: 12/06/2023 13:30

Join us on Webex for the second of our 3 dedicated Precision Health conferences and hear from LIH Scientists who will present their research.

Manon Gantenbein (Head of CIEC/CPMO): Unleashing Precision Health: Decoding disease paths and revolutionizing care by harnessing the power of clinical research.

Hermann Thien (Director TMOH, Head of IBBL): Biobanking: Unlocking the secrets of life via biospecimen collection, transformation, and preservation for groundbreaking medical discoveries

Tatiana Michel (Strategic Program Manager): What is Precision Oncology? Revealing transformations for patients and empowering cancer care with breakthroughs in Luxembourg’s research and healthcare arenas.


Manon Gatenbein

Hermann Thien

Tatiana Michel

Download the Precision Health book in full