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Hôpitaux Robert Schuman and LIH join forces on Colive Voice study

Hôpitaux Robert Schuman were created in 2014 from the merger of the Bohler Clinic, the Kirchberg Hospital, the ZithaKlinik located in Luxembourg City and the Sainte Marie Clinic located in Esch-sur-Alzette: 306 doctors under private practice status and more than 2,200 employees are committed to providing high quality care and a personalized service with a strong human component.

The Group’s mission is to care for patients at all stages of their treatment – preventive, curative or palliative, but also to raise awareness and transfer knowledge through patient education and training for all hospital professionals.

HRS-Group core business is to coordinate and provide complex, high-tech, high-risk and high-cost medical care. Together with its partners, the HRS-group transforms hospital care into shorter, safe stays with high added value for patients and employees. This transformation is based on : efficient work organization, digitalisation, research and capitalizing on the human experience.

The Group’s clearly defined missions are structured around seven centers of expertise: the Women, Mother and Child center, the Internal Medicine center, the Locomotor System center, the Psychiatry center, the Visceral-Oncology center and the Geriatric center. The Robert Schuman Hospitals have a modern structure to meet the expectations of health professionals and ensure the best possible care for its patients. Academic and research roles complete the missions of the divisions.

The aim of the Clinical Research Unit (CRU, supervised by the HRS Foundation) is to develop and promote clinical trials and research within the hospital with close interactions between major health care and research stakeholders in Luxembourg and EU. Clinical trials phase and translational research are fully part of HRS missions, allowing our patients to benefit from innovative diagnostics notably by ehealth and therapeutic approaches. CRU also ensures that all legal, administrative and financial aspects of each research project are handled in accordance with current regulations and comply with good clinical practice. At HRS exists a long-standing expertise in digital health and active contribution in these kind of research projects.

Actions put in place for supporting Colive Voice

The Robert Schuman Hospitals have agreed to become a full partner of the Colive Voice study, providing us with valuable support in the recruitment of new participants. Researchers from their Clinical Research Unit are also collaborating with our researchers on the analysis of the results of the study, as well as on future publications.

They have set up several awareness-raising activities concerning our project: brochures and leaflets about Colive Voice are available to patients during cancer and diabetes consultations, articles on their website, messages on their social media channels and other actions contribute to make Colive Voice known in Luxembourg. 

Colive Voice is an international academic research study, aims to identify vocal biomarkers by artificial intelligence to improve and simplify the regular monitoring of serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, COVID-19, mental health, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases… In this collaboration HRS can help LIH to shape the future of digital health and telemedicine for millions of patients.

commented PhD Jonathan Cimino, HRS Head of Clinical Research Unit

HRS has a long-standing expertise in digital health and active contribution in research projects in this field.  For example, how can 5G connectivity contribute to better healthcare?  HRS and NTT Ltd. in collaboration with the Ministry of Media and Telecommunications in Luxembourg working together on 5G use cases to facilitate the connection of various medical devices in the event of an emergency for stroke.